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On March 16, 1910, the Foundation Stone of the Main Building was laid. Since then, the University of Hong Kong upheld its duty to preserve and conserve its architectural heritage for the present, and future.

The HKU Heritage Fund was established to conserve the seven Declared Monuments and the six Graded Historic Buildings on campus.

To protect and preserve these historic buildings requires highly specialised work. With the Fund, HKU will undertake a programme of conservation of its unique built heritage that will preserve and promote this priceless legacy and ensure it will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Join us in protecting our historic legacy


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On March 16, 1910, the Foundation Stone of the Main Building was laid.

Seven Declared Monuments

Six Graded Historic Buildings

HKU111 Digital Collectibles

The first ever NFT art works were released during the HKU 111th Anniversary. This special series pays tribute to the women and men who have committed their lives to the University, as well as the current generation of academic leaders who use their skills, knowledge, and compassion to serve their communities.


These Digital Collectibles have been created using ten rarely seen images from the HKU Archives. Proceeds will go to HKU Heritage Fund.

HKU111 Digital Collectibles
The Main Building, HKU

We are grateful to friends and organisations for their continuous support.

Together, we will ensure our historic legacy will be protected and enjoyed by generations to come.

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